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VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator
  • VPSA Oxygen Generator

VPSA Oxygen Generator

Brand:Chenrui ASU




Product Description

Working principle

◆ The main components of the air are nitrogen and oxygen, the use of ambient temperature, nitrogen and oxygen in the air in the zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS) on the adsorption performance of different oxygen through the adsorption of nitrogen, the design of appropriate technology, leaving Nitrogen and oxygen are separated to give oxygen. Nitrogen adsorption on zeolite molecular sieve than oxygen (nitrogen and molecular sieve surface ions strong), when the air in the pressurized state through the adsorption bed with zeolite adsorbent bed, nitrogen adsorption by molecular sieve, oxygen adsorption Less, in the gas phase to be enriched and out of the adsorption bed, oxygen and nitrogen separation to obtain oxygen. When the molecular sieve adsorption of nitrogen to saturation, to stop the air and reduce the pressure of the adsorbent bed, molecular sieve adsorbed nitrogen change out, the molecular sieve regeneration and reusable. Two or more adsorbent beds to switch jobs, can continue to produce oxygen.

◆ Oxygen and nitrogen boiling point close to the two difficult to separate, together in the weather to be enriched. Therefore, pressure swing adsorption oxygen plant is usually only 90-95% of the oxygen (oxygen concentration of 95.6%, the rest of the argon), also known as oxygen. Compared with the cryogenic air separation unit, which can be made more than 99.5% concentration of oxygen.


Device process

◆ The adsorbent bed of the pressure swing adsorption air separation oxygen plant must contain two operation steps; adsorption and analysis. In order to continuously obtain the product gas, two or more adsorbent beds are usually installed in the oxygen producing apparatus, and additional necessary steps are additionally provided from the viewpoint of energy consumption and stability. Each adsorbent bed is typically subjected to repetitive steps of adsorption, depressurization, evacuation or decompression regeneration, rinse displacement, and pressure equalization. At the same time, each adsorption bed are in different steps in the PLC control under the regular switch, so that a number of adsorption bed coordinated operation, in practice, the staggered staggered, the PSA device can run smoothly, continuous access to product gas . For the actual separation process, other trace components in the air must also be taken into account. The adsorbability of carbon dioxide and water on conventional adsorbents is generally much greater than that of nitrogen and oxygen, and the adsorbent can be adsorbed and removed by the addition of a suitable adsorbent (or by the oxygen adsorbent itself).

◆ The number of adsorption towers required by the oxygen plant depends on the scale of oxygen generation, the performance of the adsorbent and the design of the process. The running stability of the multi-tower operation is relatively better, but the equipment investment is higher. The current trend is to minimize the number of adsorption towers and use short operating cycles with high efficiency oxygen adsorbents to increase plant efficiency and to save investment as much as possible.


Technical characteristics

◆ Device process is simple

◆ Oxygen scale 10000m3 / h the following, oxygen consumption lower power consumption, smaller investment;

◆ Civil engineering is small, the installation cycle is shorter than the cryogenic device;

◆ Equipment operation and maintenance costs low;

◆ The device has a high degree of automatic operation, convenient and open parking, and few operators;

◆ The device has strong stability and high safety;

◆ Simple operation, the main components are selected internationally renowned manufacturers;

◆ Using the original import of oxygen molecular sieve, superior performance, long service life;

◆ Operation flexibility (load line superior, fast conversion speed).


Technical indicators

◆ Product size:100-10000Nm3/h

◆ Oxygen purity:≥90-94%,According to user requirements in the range of 30-95% adjustment.

◆ Oxygen consumption: Oxygen purity of 90%, equivalent to pure oxygen consumption of 0.32-0.37KWh / Nm3

◆ Oxygen pressure: ≤ 20kpa (can be pressurized)

◆ Year to open power:≥95%