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CLD Type Micro Regenerative Air Dryer
  • CLD Type Micro Regenerative Air Dryer

CLD Type Micro Regenerative Air Dryer

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Product Description

product description

Micro-heat adsorption compressed air dryer is absorbed by a thermal adsorption and non-thermal adsorption of compressed air dryer developed from the advantages of an adsorption dryer. It avoids the disadvantage of short switching time and high consumption of regenerative air, and also overcomes the drawback of consuming large amount of electric energy with hot adsorption type compressed air dryer. It is widely used in many fields such as electronics, food, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, textile, tobacco, chemical industry, etc. It is the most economical energy-saving adsorbent dryer in the purification industry at present, Instruments, meters, automatic control and other industries.


working principle

Chen Rui CLD series of micro-heat adsorption compressed air dryer is based on the principle of PSA, the application of micro-heating regeneration of compressed air drying equipment. Under a certain pressure, the compressed air from bottom to top flow through the adsorbent (dry) bed, at low temperature and pressure, the compressed air in the water vapor to the adsorbent surface that is absorbed by the adsorbent to absorb moisture in the air to Tends to balance, so that compressed air is dry, this is the adsorption (work) process.

When the pressure of dry air (regenerated air), the heated gas expansion, and then saturated with water adsorption adsorbent contact, the moisture in the adsorbent turned to the regeneration of air, until the balance, so that the adsorbent is dry, which is Desorption (regeneration) process. That is, the water is adsorbed (operated) at low temperature and high pressure, and the water is desorbed (regenerated) at high temperature and low pressure.

The desiccator is a double-cylinder structure, and the cylinder is filled with the adsorbent (dryer). When an adsorption cylinder is in the drying process, the other adsorption cylinder is in the desorption process.


Technical characteristics

1, heating control using non-contact solid state switch, automatic temperature control, long life; with a variety of fault alarm.

2, advanced variable procedures, stable and reliable.

3, the use of microcomputer control, digital display two towers running alternately.

4, the use of safe and reliable control components to ensure that the controller output signal safe and accurate instructions to reach the target.

5, to ensure stable and reliable product dew point, low energy consumption.

6, simple and elegant structure, user-friendly design, easy operation and maintenance.

7, in the hot part of the failure can automatically switch to non-thermal mode of operation.

8, equipped with RS485 / RS232 intermodal interface, can be remote communication, centralized monitoring and air compressor joint control.


Technical indicators

Working pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa (on request to provide 1.0-1.3Mpa)

Inlet temperature: 50 ° C

Finished gas Dew point: ≤-40 ℃ (alumina) ≤-52 ℃ (molecular sieve)

Regeneration air consumption: ≤ 12%

Pressure loss: ≤ 0.02Mpa

Operating cycle: 10min