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Hangzhou Chenrui Home for the Disabled

Hangzhou Chenrui Home for the Disabled is located at No. 18, Chunjian Township Industrial Function Zone, with a building area of more than 800 square meters. The renovation and construction began in June 2020, and it was put into use in August of the same year. There are 20 people with intellectual, mental, physical, and hearing disabilities, and 3 management and nursing staff.

The home for the disabled has a medical office, a rehabilitation room, and a psychological consultation room to help the disabled recover their physical functions and provide rehabilitation services for friends with different types of disabilities. Training room, work room, enhance their ability to adapt and participate in social activities. With the rehabilitation training center as the carrier, strengthen the basic construction of the service function of homes for the disabled, equipped with LCD TVs, air conditioning, etc., establish canteens, lounges, cultural and sports activities, reading rooms, tea rooms, and strive to provide life skills training and occupational therapy for the disabled , Vocational training, auxiliary employment and other services. The company pays to disabled employees in accordance with the minimum monthly wages of enterprises in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, and pays full social endowment insurance and medical insurance, etc., making the home of the disabled become a spiritual paradise in the lives of disabled employees and helping the disabled who are on the margins of society People return to the main channel of life, so that the disabled group can enjoy the warmth of a harmonious society.